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The CVC Home Service Success Summit

A virtual one-day event held on Monday, February 7, 2022

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As a leader of a Home Services business, these challenges are likely keeping you up at night:

  • What are you doing to ensure you have the right foundation?
  • Are you capitalizing in your market so you get the greatest return for you and your business?
  • Are you setting yourself up for a business that provides you with happiness and not frustration?

All too often we find ourselves handcuffed to the business with the shortage of both products and people. It’s no wonder why every day is often filled with frustration.

On top of that, today’s consumer is getting harder and harder to satisfy.

  • They have multiple choices.
  • Their buying habits have changed.
  • They want it NOW!
  • They are often quick to complain!
  • They have been spoiled due to poor business slogans. The “Have It Your Way”.
  • They have been spoiled by companies providing refunds when there is no problem with the product, the service, or the transaction.

But there is HOPE!

You can solve these challenges – and grow your profits — when you discover dynamic tools and tactics presented at the CVC Home Service Success Summit. The all-star group of experts we’ve assembled will show you how to make your business deliver the value and happiness you desire and deserve.

Join us on February 7, 2022, for the virtual presentation of the CVC Home Service Success Summit. You will be amazed at what you will learn in just one day!

Our cast of presenters below reads like a Who’s Who of speakers, consultants, coaches, and authors.

Tommy Mello

Tommy Mello

The owner of A1 Garage Doors, Tommy is a true entrepreneur of the highest order who has built his A1 Garage Door into a true leader in the home services category. His success involves recruitment, training, compensation, marketing, and so many other needed success skills. The author of Home Service Millionaire and host of the Home Service Expert Podcast, Tommy will share with you his gold-nugget concepts, so be prepared to leave with a whole, informational bucket-o’-gold.

Scott Mckain3

Scott McKain

The author of Iconic, Create Distinction, What Customer’s Really Want, and other books, Scott is truly a master at building a business of distinction that stands out in the market. Scott is a member of the National Speakers Association Hall Of Fame and commonly speaks to Fortune 500 companies across the world. His list of clients is truly a fantastic list. Scott will share with you the processes of making your business distinctive and stand out from the crowd, bringing you high-end clients that want only the best.

Randy Pennington

Randy Pennington

The author of Make Change Work, Results Rule, and other written guides of success, Randy is also a member of the National Speakers Hall Of Fame and works with leading companies across America. Randy is recognized as a leader when it comes to company culture, and his words and writings offer a unique insight of how to reinvent the culture of your company. His phrase, “Culture Always Wins”, is a buzzword for how to be successful today and into the future as you move into what Randy calls “The New Next®”.

Al Levi3

Al Levi

Author of The 7 Power Contractor, Al comes from blue-collar America, where he learned the value of the company manual, building processes, and systems for success. Al entered the world of coaching and consulting some years ago after creating systems for his own company in the HVAC and Plumbing industries. He has worked with home service companies across America and will share with you how to remove stressful business ties that make managers feel handcuffed and throw their hands up in frustration.

Brandi Biswell1

Brandi Biswell

Since leaving her profession in the nursing industry to help her husband Jeremy share management in the home service industry, Brandi has become a recognized expert in office organization, service software, office systems, and all the ingredients to become a powerhouse home service provider. Today she sits as a certified Business Leadership Coach and works with home service contractors across America as a coach and consultant. Brandi will share with you how to make your office a productive and effective part of your success team.

Sheryl Isenhour1

Sheryl Isenhour

A woman who has owned and managed a home service contracting business, along with a manufacturing company, Sheryl is a Certified Member of the Ziglar training and coaching team. Along with that, she is a Certified Behavior Assessment Coach. The author of several books, such as I’m Glad I Did, along with others to name a few accomplishments. Sheryl comes to the Summit as an expert in assessing personalities for team success. She will share with you how to determine if your new recruits match their position. Additionally, how to change the mindset of exiting team members to make them more effective members of your team.

Jerry Isenhour3

Jerry Isenhour

A John Maxwell Certified coach, speaker, and trainer, along with certification under Jeffrey Gitomer in sales, Jerry is the President of CVC Success Group. He offers coaching and training across America to numerous companies in the home service industry. He has 8 published books at this time, including Blue Collar Success, Step Up To Success, Standardizing Standard Operating Procedures, and most recently led a collaborative team of authors in publishing The CVC Success Journal. Jerry will teach you how to make new hires an effective and profitable member of your team in the quickest way.

The CVC Home Service Success Summit is presented in a virtual format to keep costs low for you and your team. This cast of presenters would typically cost you thousands to see in person and we have brought them together at a very reasonable cost so you get the benefit without the additional expense. No fees for travel, lodging, or securing your spot in a crowded room! This also eradicates the possibility of transmission of any viruses during the presentation.

​Who Should Attend?

This Summit should have every member of your leadership team in attendance. To make things easier, a single registration will cover every member of your leadership team that attends. We suggest you attend this as a team to get the full value for your business and to take full advantage of learning all the processes that will be shared.


There are two levels at which you can attend, they are as follows:


    • This allows you and your team members to attend the live virtual presentation at the low registration cost of $147.

Simply click the link below to reserve your seats today. 



    • A company seat for the live virtual presentation for only $247.
    • Access to all the sessions in a recorded format.
    • Speaker handouts in a PDF format.
    • A seat at our follow-up group call (a month after the Summit) with some of the presenters to answer any follow-up questions.

​How Will You Attend?

As a virtual presentation, you will be able to access on any digital device with Internet access. Once registered, you will receive your own private link to attend the Summit along with the agenda and times of each presenter. On the morning of the Summit, simply click on the link and you will join live. We do suggest that you use a television and speakers to get the best experience.

If you are a Level 2 VIP attendee, you will be provided access to the recordings and handouts as soon as the recordings are uploaded to the online platform after the Summit is completed. Once uploaded, you will have 90 days to access the recordings and handout materials.

The CVC Home Service Success Summit is designed for any company that provides services and products in the home service industry. You will find value no matter what your service company does: carpet cleaning, chimneys, air duct cleaning, painting, pest control, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, lawn care/landscaping, garage doors, HVAC, Plumbing, and others.

No matter your chosen service business profession, business success requires the same processes. If you are interested in learning those processes that make service companies successful, make sure you are in the audience on February 7 as The CVC Home Service Summit goes live.